measure the impact of database changes before you merge.

When database schemas change, code has to catch up. Too much of that code is out of sight and out of mind -- in other modules, other systems, other repositories -- and gets left behind. After migration that code still expects the old structure and breaks. Chaos ensues.

ectomigo is a first line of defense against the risks inherent to schema migration. Once enabled on a repository, it indexes your data access code on every push: script files, inline SQL strings, and higher-level patterns in languages like JavaScript and Python. When you submit schema changes for review, it matches the affected database structures against your entire organization's code. If it finds any current references, in any covered repository, you'll get review comments linking directly to that code.

a schema migration alters a table, renaming a column; ectomigo leaves a GitHub review comment pointing out references to that table in two repositories. Each reference includes the columns ectomigo has been able to identify. One reference uses the column's new name, indicating it's been updated, but another in the second repository still uses the old name and must be fixed.

ectomigo is free for up to two private repositories (subject to some restrictions). Add it to your GitHub repositories now!





  • Inline SQL strings & StringBuilders

migration formats

Migration scanning at launch covers SQL scripts only. ectomigo is tested against PostgreSQL, but the relevant differences between that and other SQL dialects are mostly minor.

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