What We Collect

ectomigo stores:

  • names of organizations, repositories, branches, and files
  • names of database entities, columns, and model classes
  • coordinates of relevant names in source and migration files
  • types of migration change (alter or drop)

Your code stays where it is and is never sent to a remote server. This includes SQL text: the only information that is ever transmitted outside your CI platform (e.g. GitHub) is reduced to names and coordinates and sent over HTTPS, in that order. We take security seriously and avoid storing anything that isn't absolutely required to detect migration risks. The action code is open to audit, and we welcome suggestions for security improvements through the issue tracker or by email.

If you purchase a subscription, we collect the identifying and payment information necessary to bill you and track your subscription status.

What We Transmit to Third Parties

We do not sell any of your data, nor do we make it available to third parties to sell.

We send the names of your code hosting provider and organization to Stripe in order to facilitate paid subscriptions. Stripe collects your contact and payment data under its own terms and privacy policies.

We use Plausible to gather traffic statistics on this website.

Acceptable Use Policy

Since ectomigo runs on your CI, you won't authenticate or set up an account with us, nor will you directly create or view content on our systems. But in order to interact with the ectomigo API, we do require that you:

  • agree to interact with the ectomigo API only by means of the ectomigo module as published;
  • agree not to attempt to reverse-engineer the ectomigo API;
  • acknowledge that ectomigo makes no representations or guarantees as to completeness; and
  • agree to indemnify and hold harmless Applied Poietics, LLC from all claims and other liabilities arising from your reliance on ectomigo.

Deletion Policy

If you want to remove some or all of your data, please contact us. Do note that you should first disable ectomigo workflows in all active branches of the repository or repositories for which you're requesting deletion.